Add back mistakenly removed series resources sync

parent 95fbc745
......@@ -212,6 +212,11 @@ sync_post: | $(require_pubdir) $(require_outputdir)
$(and $(call printisbn,$(TARGET)),-or -name "$(call printisbn,$(TARGET))*") \
$(and $(call ebookisbn,$(TARGET)),-or -name "$(call ebookisbn,$(TARGET))*") \
\)$(foreach OUTPATH,$(OUTPATHS), -execdir rsync -ct {} $(OUTPUTDIR)/$(OUTPATH)/ \;);)
ifneq ($(strip $(TARGETS)),$(strip $(PROJECT)))
find $(PUBDIR) -type f \
-name "$(PROJECT)*" \
-execdir rsync -ct {} $(OUTPUTDIR)/ \;
$(call post_sync)
.PHONY: website
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