Add copy of worklog to stats builds

parent d99e395b
......@@ -71,13 +71,13 @@ $(CCMTOOLKITDIR)/language-%.yml:
curl -s -L$*/language.yaml -o $@
.PHONY: stats
stats: reports/progress.pdf
stats: reports/status.pdf reports/worklog.pdf
reports/ $(shell git ls-files -- '*.md') $(CCMTOOLKITDIR)/languages.yml force
reports/ $(shell git ls-files -- '*.md') $(CCMTOOLKITDIR)/languages.yml $$(newcommits)
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
export PS4=; exec > $@ # black magic
echo ---
echo title: Stats for $(call versioninfo,$(PROJECT))
echo title: Status for $(call versioninfo,$(PROJECT))
echo date: $(shell LANG=$(LANGUAGE) date)
echo ---
for lang in $(TRANSLATIONS); do
......@@ -90,13 +90,18 @@ reports/ $(shell git ls-files -- '*.md') $(CCMTOOLKITDIR)/languages.
reports/%.pdf: reports/
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
--metadata lang=$(call lang4,$(LANGUAGE)) \
-t latex \
--pdf-engine=xelatex \
-V "mainfont:Libertinus Serif" \
-V "geometry:landscape" \
$< -o $@
cp $< $@
# Mostly this makefile will be used for exporting content to consumer formats,
# but for the English version importing from the legacy formats and munging
# the content around into a canonical format is the battle
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