Unverified Commit 12f61e58 authored by Caleb Maclennan's avatar Caleb Maclennan
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Start work on combined worklog

parent c5bb5bd6
......@@ -34,3 +34,20 @@ BOOKMANIFESTS := $(foreach BOOK,$(BOOKS),book_$(BOOK)__$(_book)_$(BOOK)-manifest
language: $(BOOKMANIFESTS)
stats: reports/progress.pdf
combined-worklogs.sqlite: repository-worklog.sqlite $(foreach SUBMODULE,$(SUBMODULES),$(SUBMODULE)/repository-worklog.sqlite)
sqlite3 $@ 'DROP TABLE IF EXISTS commits; CREATE TABLE commits (sha TEXT, author TEXT, date DATE, file TEXT, added INT, removed INT)'
for db in $(filter %.sqlite,$^); do
sqlite3 $${db} .dump
done | sqlite3 $@
reports/progress.md: $(CCMTOOLKITDIR)/languages.yml $$(newcommits)
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
export PS4=; exec > $@ # black magic
echo ---
echo title: Progress log for $(call versioninfo,$(PROJECT))
echo date: $(shell LANG=$(LANGUAGE) date)
echo ---
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