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\title{Memoirs of a Bulletin}
\subtitle{The Long Road to Easy Church Bulletin Typesetting}
\author{Caleb Maclennan}
......@@ -28,8 +45,6 @@ As long as today is called "today"\footnote{see Hebrews 3:13}, Sunday will still
While the resulting system is painless, discovering these techniques and applying them to the making of bulletins was not that easy for me. I write this article to document my own findings in hopes that it will make the same journey easier for any that would follow.
For all his immense love of books, the pastor I work with doesn't really understand what properties tranform text into effetive communication. His version of 'typsetting' is to underline everything, then bold a few things that got lost in the lines.\footnote{To his credit he refrains from the five-fonts-on-one-page routine, but I have seen five sizes.} We don't have a church secretary. That leaves me---a programmer not a designer---typesetting most of what we produce as a church. While this is less than ideal, I found there are tools that make the job easier.
......@@ -38,10 +53,8 @@ When I started down the road of typsetting our bulletins using \LaTeX, I was una
The system I outline in the following pages will not work for all churches. In fact the contents, layout and usage of their bulletin is a tell: its bulletin will tell you a lot about the church because it reflects in large part their theology of worship. You will find a good deal of mine in the pages and some of the techniques will be more or less useful to you depending on your church's understanding of liturgy. I will make no appology for my own, how you adapt this is your business.
\section{Why not just use Microsoft Word?}
Why word doesn't work.
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