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......@@ -237,7 +237,14 @@ adaptable to other church's needs.
\section{Why not just use a word processor?}
\section{What is broken anyway?}
If you are reading this, chances are either you know me personally and are being
obliging or you have a problem and you were looking for a solution. Before we
get too deep into my solution, lets review what problems my solution is designed
to solve.
\subsection{Wordprocessors are bad}
Why Microsoft Word is not the tool for the job.
......@@ -247,12 +254,52 @@ My weapon of choice would be LibreOffice, but this didn't get me much further.
Why alternatives like page layout programs don't quite cut the mustard.
Bad bad typography.
If you think the example on the left is better that the right, stop reading now
and walk away.
(bad example figure) (good example figure)
\subsection{Most typography fails its purpose}
Your content is more that just the way it is typeset, but the way you typeset it
will make a difference in how it is understood. Some design attributes leave
certain impresesions whether you intend them to or not\footnote{This is mostly a
cultural thing and there are lots of interesting differences in how
design is perceievd over time and in different places, but the specific
regional issues are far avershadowed by the general principals}.
Good typography should not be noticable for its typographic properties, it
should be noticable because it brings the content to life and leaves the reader
with the impression. It should do its job without getting in the way.
Unfortunatily poor choices in typography \emph{will} hamper the message the
content is trying to give.
\pdfsample{2}{../gallery/fontsmatter.pdf}{It is important to choose fonts whose general stylistic features complement the content represented.}{fontsmatter2}
Beyond the obvious effects of things such as decorative font faces, the subtly
details matter too. The fine tuning that most people may not even notice or be
able to articulate still make a difference in how they respond to content.
People will be less inclined to actually read documnents that are hard to read.
If you are going to the trouble to publish something the assumption is you want
people to read it; so make it easy to read. This means make sensible, informed
choices about font-face, spacing and layout.
These choices are not always intuative. Sometimes less is more For example in
figure~\vref{fig:fontsmatter1} the smaller font is actually easier for most
peaple to read. Both parapraphs take up the same amount of space, but in the
second parapraph the serifed font-face, propper kerning, word hyphenation and
generous use of white space more than make up in any loss in readability caused
by the slightly smaller font. On their own each change may only make a subtle
difference, but combined the overall difference in readability is substantial.
\pdfsample{1}{../gallery/fontsmatter.pdf}{The basic choices of font-face, size and spacing are
important, but even small details like kerning and hyphenation make a big
difference in readability.}{fontsmatter1}
Good readability also makes for better astetics and more effective
communication. The pupose of both the documents in figue~\vref{fig:tfl} is to convey
the same set of information, but quicly scan your eye over each document and
decide which one makes it easier to find who the relevant details. If you think
example~\vref{fig:tflbefore} communicates more effectively than
example~\vref{fig:tflafter}, please just put this document down and walk away.
\pdfcompare{1}{../gallery/tfl_sample_pleading_before.pdf}{../gallery/tfl_sample_pleading_after.pdf}{The difference typography can make\cite{tflpleading}}{tfl}
Special events shouldn't require starting from scratch with a totally new
layout. Memorial services, weddings, seminars, etc should be easily adaptable
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